Recycling Results

EPS Has a High Effective Utilization Rate for Various Applications

Excellent Recyclability

Due to the characteristics of the product, EPS is used in a wide range of applications in daily life, such as distribution containers for fresh food, packaging materials for home appliances, electronic office equipment, and heat insulating materials for buildings. In addition, used EPS is effectively repurposed in various ways, maintaining a high effective utilization rate of about 90% (Effective utilization rate in 2021:92.0%). Among plastics, it is the top of its class in effective utilization rate along with PET bottles. We will continue to develop activities that will be maintained and expanded in the future. We will actively participate in the Ministry of the Environment's "Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastic” and "Action Plan on Marine Plastic Litter". We would like to achieve our ideal goal is to have “100% of used EPS recycled and repurposed”.

  • Shipment Volume of EPS by Application
  • Recycling, Energy recovering and disposals of EPS

*There is a % discrepancy due to rounding.

We Are Steadily Increasing Our Recycling Record

  • Since 1998, the thermal recycling (energy recovering) rate has been added to the recycling rate.
  • Since 2011, the method of estimating the thermal recycling rate has changed.
Recycling Record