International Cooperation

Cooperation with EPS Manufacturer Associations around the World on Various EPS Projects

With the shift from the conventional linear economy to the circular economy (CE) and the globalization of supply chain management (SCM), further deep cooperation is required in information exchange with each country in global. It has been becoming increasingly important to implement timely cooperation in response to trends such as decreasing plastic use, reduction of EPS containers, and packaging materials originating from Europe and the United States. Originally, the International Expanded Polystyrene Alliance (INEPSA) started with the framework of promoting recycling through international cooperation, however nowadays it is necessary to cooperate in various projects.

The International Expanded Polystyrene Alliance (INEPSA)

EPS containers and packaging materials are distributed all over the world with imported/exported products and EPS finishes its journey in the country of destination. We have started efforts to solve environmental problems by processing and disposing of used EPS in the country of consumption. In 1992, the "International Recycling Agreement" was signed among Japan, the United States of America, Germany, and Austria with the aim of "recycling imported EPS packaging materials in the same way as domestically produced EPS packaging materials." The slogan is "Regardless of Country of Origin" and it is currently expanding to 31 countries.

Countries Apart of the International Recycling Agreement

Japan, the United States of America, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Chinese Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

After that, EPS industry groups in the United States, Europe, and Asia formed "INEPSA" in 1998 to develop unified information provision activities of EPS on a global scale.

Establishment of EPS regional organization "AMEPS" (Asian Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene) in Asia

"AMEPS" was established in 1995 and holds regular general meetings to solve various issues in Asia to exchange information.AMEPS

AMEPS Member Organization

AMEPS Member Organization

At the 2019 AMEPS meeting, the Russian EPS Association (APPP) was newly approved to join AMEPS, which has become 12 separate regional organizations. At the subsequent Technical Forum, the European Architectural Institute, and other companies from the industry gave presentations where they exchanged information.

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