Recycling Methods

By Recycling Used EPS, It Can Work Again in Our Daily Life.

EPS is Recycled in 3 Ways.

EPS is Recycled in 3 Ways

We Offer a Grant for the Installation of Recycling Facilities in the Wholesale Market

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In the wholesale market, where a large amount of EPS is used as containers for fresh fish and agricultural products, etc., we have introduced recycling equipment such as volume reduction machines* to efficiently recycle on-site. JEPSA cooperates with them by subsidizing a part of the equipment installation cost when certain conditions are met.

*Machines that reduce the volume of EPS which makes it easier to recycle by heat, solvent, compression, etc.

In 2019, we offered a grant for the installation of recycling facilities at 6 wholesale markets:

  • Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Markets
  • Gifu City Central Wholesale Market
  • Nagasaki Prefecture Central Wholesale Market
  • Fukuoka City Central Wholesale Market
  • TOKYO Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market in Ota
  • Takasaki City Comprehensive Local Wholesale Market

Currently, the total number of partnerships with wholesale markets nationwide has reached 147.