Effective Utilization as a Resource

Collaboration with Stakeholders

Declaration for Solving Marine Plastic Litter Problem Please check out our declaration

In order to resolve the global problem of microplastics in the ocean, the "Act to Partially Amend the Coastal Debris Disposal Promotion Law (海岸漂着物処理促進法一部改正する法律)”, was enacted in Japan. The " Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastic (プラスチック資源循環戦略)" was compiled in May prior to the G20 Osaka Summit, which was held in June 2019. In the industrial world, the "Japan Initiative for Marine Environment" (JaIME) has been established and has begun activities. Concerning the Japan Plastics Industry Federation, our organization voluntarily submitted the declaration (as seen on the right) to promote efforts that appeal to the public.

Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastic < Ministry of the Environment; (May 31st, 2019) >

In the plastic industry, the Japan Plastics Industry Federation(JPIF) will play a central role in the Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastic formulated in May, aiming for 100% collection and effective utilization of used EPS along with PET bottles and white PSP trays.

Participation in PS-WG (Polystyrene Working Group) of JPIF

 A working group study by polystyrene-related organizations and companies for the Plastic Resources and Environment Committee has started. We are discussing, (1) consideration of 100% collection, (2) 100% effective use, (3) public relations and education regarding 100% of collection and countermeasures against the trend of banning single-use plastics.

Plastic Packaging Recycling Council

"Resource Recycling of Plastic Packaging 2030 Declaration" was announced in May. We play a part in efforts to make effective use of 100% resources with 3R + Renewable (sustainable resources) for packaging containers. We will promote the spread of information in cooperation and collaboration with each related organization and strive to deepen a smart relationship with plastics, such as plastic containers and packaging.

Action Plan on Marine Plastic Litter < Ministry of the Environment: May 31st, 2019 >

Fisheries Agency / Ministry of the Environment ... "Related to Fishery Litter Treatment"

JEPSA (Executive Director) participated in the Fisheries Agency's "Fishery Waste Treatment Plan Development Guideline Review Council" and the Ministry of the Environment's "Fishery Waste Treatment Guideline Revision Committee" as members.

Response to the revision of the Food Sanitation Act (food containers and packaging) (enforcement: June, 2020)

Regarding the "Guidelines for ensuring safety in the manufacture of food utensils and containers and packaging, No. 0710, July 10, 2017", the association guidelines to make it easier to understand the application of EPS containers and utensils. JEPSA has drawn up guidelines concerning EPS safety and posted these on the JEPSA website. The guidelines are also posted on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website. JEPSA was registered fourth in the plastic industry.img

Containers and Packaging Recycling Law Procedures

Containers and Packaging Recycling Law Procedures