Low Carbon Society/Sustainable Development

Promoting recycling to realize a recycling-based society enabling sustainable development

What is recycling-based society?

That is a society which has control on the production of waste, uses the limited resources cyclically and reduces the burden on the environment as much as possible by reviewing the system of mass production, mass consumption and mass discharge of waste.

Keyword in the Recycling-based society: 3RsImage of recycling-based society

Eco-material suitable for the recycling-based society

EPS has excellent properties for recycling and its energy consumption throughout the process from production to recycling is small, and therefore EPS is a material suitable for the recycling-based society which enables sustainable development.

・(Material recycling) : Production of plastic products or recycled EPS (“EPS to EPS”)
・(Thermal recycling) : Utilization of high heat energy by combustion
Saving Resources
・98% of EPS is air. Raw material used is only 2%
CO2 Reduction
・ Contribution to CO2 reduction by energy saving effect arising from its excellent insulating property
・ No generation of dioxins when burnt alone because ESP Consciousness is composed only of carbon and hydrogen
・ CFC’s are not used at all