International Cooperation/EPS is recycled around the world

Promotion of recycling through the international collaboration

EPS is distributed all around the world accompanying imported and exported products, and finishes its life as a packaging material in the country of consumption. Environmental problems will not be solved if countries neglect EPS waste simply because it is not a material made domestically. In 1992, therefore, Japan, the United States, Germany and Austria concluded an international agreement whereby they are to recycle imported EPS packaging material in the same manner as domestically made material. Our slogan is gREGARDLESS OF COUTRY OF ORIGINh.

Countries that entered into the International Recycling Agreement

No country prohibits use of EPS

Japan, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Chinese Hong Kong, China, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Organization of INEPSA (International EPS Alliance) for sharing internationally unified information


EPS recycling associations in the United States, Europe and Asia organized INEPSA in November 1998 in order to develop the worldwide activity of sharing internationally standardized information on EPS.

Establishment of AMEPS (Asian Manufacturers of EPS), a regional organization in Asia

In Asia, AMEPS was established in 1995 and it regularly holds general meetings and promotes the activities of information exchange etc.

gAMEPS Member Associationsh

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